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G'day, and cheers!

 This is a members-only site which is dedicated to all those piss-pots who drank regularly, jovially and copiously at the Royal Exchange Hotel, Toowong, roughly between the years of 1974 and 1987. You know who you are, and unfortunately, in some cases, were.

 The RE was a home away from home for most of us, and if it wasn't for closing time, a few of us would have bloody-well slept there too. There, we learned the dubious art of Party Sniffing on Friday and Saturday nights, and if opportunity arose, any other day with a 'y' in it. I don't remember ever being turned away from an 'RE party', but then again, there's a shitload of things I don't remember.

 We came to call ourselves the RE Rent-a-crowd, and someone even had 'business' cards printed espousing that nomenclature (who WAS that?), but for all I know there's probably been such a group in existence who were just as bloody intent on diminishing their liver functions since the pub was built - around 1886, by the way. is a place for all we old buggers to catch up, chat live on-line,(not yet) share photographs of times past and recent, leave stories, queries, anecdotes and the like, catch up with any news you may care to post, and just generally keep in touch.

 If you are such a person, please click on the 'Register' button and complete the form presented. You will be asked to supply the name of a person you used to get pissed.. er, drink with, so we can keep the riff-raff in, and the pretenders out.

 Once you're in, you're in for life, and hopefully there's a few good years left in us before this page fades into the obscurity of History.

Cheers !   Cheers!

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